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--  SP13 : The name comes from Spielplatz, the Geman word for playground. Creativity springs from one's inherent need to play,
to explore, and to define oneself. The best work springs from passion, enthusiasm and a childlike point of view. 

-- Caroline Lee :  I have worked as a footwear designer (Masters in Product Design with Honours, Strate College 2000) in-house and
as afreelancer for over 10 years. These years developed my awareness of trend and love of style, and trained me to work under pressure to deadline.
In  2014, I decided to quit my job as a senior designer to study Illustration and Bande Dessinée (comic book art) at CESAN in Paris, while setting myself up as a freelancer, initially in footwear, but more recently in illustration and graphic design. 
My training in illustration has allowed me to broaden my sense of creativity and story telling. Finally, my experience as a mother has helped me develop a sense of patience and the importance of life beyond the professional world.


A person's maturity consists in having found again

the seriousness one had as a child, at play.

-Friedrich Nietzche

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