9 Jun 2020

Until a few weeks ago, I believed that the story of this year would be the covid-19 pandemic. I had even dared to believe that this time of confinement would lead to a better world, with greater compassion and solidarity. Sadly, this feeling would be quickly shattered....

26 May 2017

I've just finished work on an animated project to be featured at the Rio Cinema. The film features 9 artists coming together. Check it: https://stokenewingtonlitfest.eventcube.io/events/7040/the-group-therapy-program

26 May 2017

I'm honoured to be featured on the Google Chrome feed of Production Paradise :


2 Nov 2016

Some sketches of my ventures in inktober. I wish I had the discipline to keep it going... 

12 Oct 2016

A bit overdue in posting to my blog but here's a sampling of some sketches of the past week done in the context of #inktober. It's a bit silly the stress that sometimes arises from this exercise, but in the end, I'm glad it exists, to give me a reason to just draw some...

2 Oct 2016

Aka Inktober, day 2. A short strip about my morning. 

2 Oct 2016

Sketchbook drawing based on my impression of my daughter's dance class with her slightlly mad 

and very uptight teacher... although her attitude might be all for show, for all I know. 

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